Suhana Khan’s 5 wardrobe malfunctions, which took the net world by storm

Suhana Khan

Entertainment desk: Suhana Khan With time, Shahrukh Khan’s daughter Suhana Khan is becoming popular like her. Not only as Shah Rukh Khan’s daughter,

she is now equally popular for her style and her fashion sense. She looks like an Apsara in different clothes. However, there have been times when she had to face various problems because of this dress.

Sometimes over-exposing clothes in IPL matches and sometimes Indian clothes in weddings are a problem.

Suhana Khan has repeatedly been in the headlines. Today we are talking about his 5 upas moments. Let’s see, when and where Shah Rukh’s daughter fell into this problem.

Suhana Khan
Suhana Khan

IPL Match

He was seen wearing a yellow colored outfit during an IPL match of Kolkata Knight Riders.

That day her friend Ananya Pandey came to support her friend Suhana’s team KKR in the match. But in that match Suhana’s cleavage can be seen in this dress. That part of the match was less controversial.

Problem with Indian clothing

This time the dress was broken in someone’s wedding ceremony. Suhana was present at that event in Indian clothes. However, her bra strap was visible from the back in that dress that day. That video was discussed on social media.

Suhana fell down in front of the salon

Once he went to a salon function. But while walking there, he stumbled and fell. The paparazzi did not troll him less on this issue.

Problem at girls party

Once Suhana was partying with Ananya Pandey and other friends. However, while taking pictures at that party, he was fixing his clothes repeatedly. Later on this matter was much discussed.

Hundreds of tons of gold are smuggled from Africa to the UAE

Hundreds of tons of gold are smuggled from Africa to the UAE

Problem with crop top

Suhana recently posed in a crop top and joggers at the airport. However, some parts of her crop top at that time got her into trouble later.


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