Swastika is going to sing in the Bengali movie


Swastika Actress Swastika Mukherjee has given many characters to the audience as a heroine.

He has repeatedly impressed the audience with his strong performance. Now he is going to become a singer. Rumors are rife in tinsel town that Swastika will sing for the first time in a Bengali movie. Rabindra Sangeet again.

Swastika is playing playback in the movie ‘Durgapur Junction’ directed by Arindam Bhattacharya.

In the voice of the actress, you can hear the song ‘Aji Storma Raat Tomar Abhisar…’. The song is associated with a past memory in the role played by Swastika. The song is said to be heard in a moment of ultimate emotion.


In the industrial city of Durgapur, some mysterious events happen, one after the other murders.

A journalist desperate to avoid this murder. It is known that Swastika is acting in the role of this journalist in the movie ‘Durgapur Junction’.

Though never singing in movies, Swastika’s love for music is from childhood. He also sang Rabindra Sangeet along with his father Santu Mukherjee. So the actress agreed after receiving the director’s offer.

Swastika will record the song by the end of this month. Eamon Chakraborty will record songs with him again. Apart from the actress, Vikram Chatterjee will be seen in an important role in ‘Durgapur Junction’.

The actor became a rough and police officer in the movie. He will be seen as a companion of Swastika. Also Ekavali Khanna, Rajdeep Sarkar, Pradeep Dhar played important roles in the movie.

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It is to be noted that Arindam had earlier produced the movie ‘Shivapur’. Parambrata Chatterjee was seen with Swastika in that movie. Mamata Shankar played an important role.


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