Alia’s sweaty web series, don’t forget to watch it in front of kids


Entertainment desk: sweaty A new adult series has come forward again through Primeshot app. Various sweat series have been seen earlier through this app.

The audience will sweat after seeing the story of this series with the new story. Primeshot has been coming out with a series of great series for quite some time now.


After ‘Malkin Bhabhi’, ‘Kam Purush’, ‘Lady Doctor’ series, ‘Favicol’ series released through Primeplay app.

Actress Alia Naaz is playing the lead role in the series. The trailer itself has seen some great hot and candid scenes.

From that it is clear how much sweat this series will be. It is already clear that the story of the series is about sex.

But be aware that you will not be able to watch this series for free. Can only be viewed with a specific subscription.

The story of the series is very beautiful. A man who was having a good time with his own wife. But once his brother comes to their house.

His brother wants to get his grandfather’s wife i.e. daughter-in-law. They have a physical relationship. He can fulfill all kinds of sexual desires with Deor. To know the next story, you have to watch ‘Fabical’ web series.

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But before that you have to take the subscription of Primeshot app. You will be amazed by Alia’s physical strength.

This three-episode series released on April 19 through the Primeshot app. You will see complete in Hindi language. You must want to see it now. So don’t delay, subscribe now and check it out.


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