Tahsan wants to make a new song with Farin

Tahsan wants

Tahsan wants For the first time, popular small screen actress Tasnia Fareen and musician Tahsan Khan sang in Hanif Sanket’s magazine program etc.

Tahsan wants
Tahsan wants

Although not a professional musician, Fareen sang the song very well with Tahsan. Since then it has been widely appreciated by the fans.

Tahsan Khan Gan has expressed interest in working with Farin again. In an interview with the media on Friday (May 17), Tahsan said that he has been singing for years for love. His chance this time came in Hanif’s signal.

Musician Tahsan said, Tasnia Farin and I were asked to sing together and Kabir thanked Bakul bhai for giving me this opportunity. We thought we would work more on new songs but not now. We will work when we feel the time is right to release the song.

Tahsan said about the song “Rang Rang Rang Rang Hob”, it is an expression of the song that people love. Because many people have told me after a long time, brother, I like the song very much. I like to hear that too.

I was on a break from acting for many years. Because I wanted to study from acting. But there is a busy schedule ahead of Eid, my new song will come.

It should be noted that the Bangladeshi version of the world’s popular family game show ‘Family Feud’, ‘Family Feud Bangladesh’,

This new web series full of romance, don’t forget to watch it in front of kids

This new web series full of romance, don’t forget to watch it in front of kids

is being brought to Bangla as the first OTT platform in Bangladesh. And it will be hosted by Tahsan Khan.


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