Now Tahsan-Mithila’s ‘Baji’


Entertainment desk: Tahsan Rafiat Rashid Mithila. He is living together in two Bengals. After spending two decades in advertising and drama career,


he has focused on movies and serials for a few years. He is mostly found in Kolkata movies. His movie ‘O Abhagi’ was released this year.

Mithila played the central role in this movie based on Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay’s novel ‘Abhagir Swarg’. The movie is directed by Anirban Chakraborty from Kolkata.

Meanwhile, his acting web series ‘Baaji’ is being released on the OTT platform of the country next Eid. He will be seen as a journalist in this web series directed by Arifur Rahman.

Mithila said, last year, I got the love of the audience by acting in the series ‘My Shelf Allen Swapan’.

I hope to get that support in ‘Baji’. In this series based on the story of cricket, you will see me in the role of a journalist.

This web series also features Mithila’s ex-husband actor and musician Tahsan Khan. Through this, they are returning to the screen after many days with the same series.

It is to be noted that after breaking up with Tahsan in 2017, Mithila married Kolkata producer Srijit Mukherjee in 2019 and started living there permanently. Then his first movie in Kolkata came in 2022.

At that time, her performance in the movie ‘Ai Khuku Ai’ directed by director Shauvik Kundu was appreciated. Mithila’s ‘Nitishastra’ and ‘Maya’ were released in Kolkata last year.

The young woman gave a great dance by swinging her waist, stormed the net world

The young woman gave a great dance by swinging her waist, stormed the net world

Apart from this, ‘Amanush’ produced by Ananya Mamun was released in Bangladesh in 2022. He came back to the discussion by working in the series ‘My Shelf Allen Swapan’ released in Charki.


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