Tanin Subha in the web series

Tanin Subha

Entertainment desk: Tanin Subha Tanin Subha is the actress of this generation. He is regularly working on small and big screen. Promotion of the current serial drama ‘Roser Handi Garabari’ starring Tanin on Baisakhi TV. A long series has been built on various anomalies of the society.

Tanin Subha
Tanin Subha

The actress recently joined a web series. The name is ‘Bad Girls’. It will be produced by Salim Reza based on the story and screenplay of Aich. A number of film actors will act in this series.

Nowadays, why do girls go down a bad path or why is a girl forced to go down a bad path? Who or who forced him? Women have to face many obstacles to work in almost all sectors. Someone to save life or someone to decorate life enters the light and dark alleys. ‘Bad Girls’ will be made with such realities and various issues of the society.

Regarding acting in it, Tanin said, ‘I fell in love with the series after hearing the story. Similarly da great write up. Especially in the way she portrays the cheated girls in her writings, it is in one word amazing. Every character in this web series is challenging.

There are many twists and turns of the story in this series. There is tension. My character is also great. I believe producer Salim Bhai will present a great project to the audience.

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It is known that the shooting of the series will start from next week. The series will be released on Cinetech, an OTT platform and YouTube channel.





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