Tears in the eyes of the magician in love Nisho Faridi!


Entertainment desk: Tears Afran Nisho is called the superstar of small screen. He made his grand debut on the big screen with ‘Suranga’ last year.

This actor is very fond of the late legendary actor Humayun Faridi. Consider him a guru. Nisho also said that in many interviews.

Not only that, Faridi dedicated all the awards he received for his work from the place of personal visitation. Why does he do that?
Nisho said in an interview several years ago!

Talking about personal philosophy, Nisho said at that time, “Humayun Faridi has been rewarded less even after being a big actor. So my own wish is to give him all my rewards. This is my kind of protest. We could not give him the high quality roles he is an actor of.


Jewel Aich, the famous magician of Bangladesh, is the witness of Nisho’s unconditional love for Humayun Faridi. Such behavior of a performer of this generation brought tears to the magician’s eyes!

Merrill-First Alo Award-2023 was organized on Friday (May 24). Where Jewel Aich was present as an invited guest. And at the award ceremony, Nisho went on stage twice to receive the best actor award.

Once for Channel Eye’s ‘Poonarjanm Antib Parva’ in the Readers’ Vote Limited Feature Film category and another time for ‘Suranga’ in the Feature Film category!

And every time Nisho was dedicating the award to the memory of Humayun Faridi. Faridi fan Jewel Aich was moved by what he saw sitting in the audience.

Later, this famous magician wrote on Facebook about the matter, “Love does not die.” Humayun Faridi’s words move in my chest even today.

Today I discovered an amazing young actor who loves Faridi more than me. This is the first time I felt the joy of being defeated.”

Then he said, “The best actor Afran Nisho was going up on the stage to receive the award again and again during the festival of Meryl Prothom Alo Award.

He was dedicating his award to the memory of Humayun Faridi every time, holding the award aloft and exclaiming in deep respect. Unbelievable body! I have never seen anything like this anywhere in the world.

It is unimaginable that an artiste of the present generation can act like a madman in front of thousands of celebrities, with so much love for the memory of a late great artiste.”

My friendship with Rukmini is true: Jeet

My friendship with Rukmini is true: Jeet

Jewel Eich wrote, “My eyes watered every time Nisho performed this sacred act. I still love Faridi like crazy. But Nisho won by losing me. Where do I keep this happiness!”


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