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The easiest

Entertainment Desk: The easiest The movie ‘Padatik’ has been made on the life and work of veteran filmmaker Mrinal Sen.

Through this Chanchal Chowdhury of Dhaka acted for the first time in Srijit Mukherjee’s production. Kolkata actress Manami Ghosh paired up with him for the first time.

The easiest
The easiest

Both Chanchal and Manami had to face various preparation and challenges due to the need of the character. However, he managed to do a good job. Now waiting for release in a cheerful mood.

Chanchal played the role of Mrinal Sen in ‘Padatik’. After working with him for the first time, Manami told Kolkata’s Anandabazar media,

‘Chanchalda is a very simple-minded, down-to-earth person. Among the actors I have worked with for so long, Chanchalda is the easiest person.’

Manami is playing Mrinal Sen’s wife Geeta Sen in the film. Interestingly, according to Manami, Geeta Sen has nothing in common with her.

Rather, he found his harmony with Mrinal Sen. He commented, ‘I did not find any similarity with Geeta Sen. I rather found myself in common with Mrinal Sen.

Because I need family to stay where I am now. My family members help me stay in this place. I cannot be with the family all the time in that sense. My backbone is my family. My family, parents are like Geeta Sen.’

New rumors about Madhumita!

New rumors about Madhumita!

Note that Jeetu Kamal, Korak Samant and others are also in ‘Padatik’. Produced by Friends Communications, the film will release soon.


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