The reason why Labani did not conceive a child was known

The reason why

Entertainment Desk: The reason why Lavani Sarkar. A great actress of Bengali entertainment world and a great mother.

Rupoli has acted as the mother of Dev, Jeet – everyone on screen. And in personal life. Labani has a son whom she did not give birth to. There is a story behind it. a bit pathetic Some relief.

The reason why
The reason why

Why pity, why relief – that is the story presented for you today on Mother’s Day, May 12.

Actress Lavani Sarkar is the wife of actor Kaushik Banerjee. Both artistes are excited to perform together. At that time, both artists were upset.

Lavani is deceived in his personal life. Kaushik’s personal life is also full of bitterness. Kaushik’s separation from his first wife is almost final.

He is very worried about his only son Susnat. While acting in the studio neighborhood, he comes home at lunch break to see if his son has eaten.

In such a tumultuous situation, Lavani-Kaushik’s love begins. After some time Kaushik married Lavani. Susnat got his ‘step-mother’.

Little Susnat was abandoned by her birth mother. An intense moan and agony formed in his mind.

Lavani wasted no time in pulling the little boy to her bosom. The hidden motherhood in the actress stood by the mother-Hara Sussnata. The boy forgot his birth mother.

Susnatra’s life has many similarities with the story of Krishna’s birth. A mother gives birth. Another mother reared. In a very short time, Lavani became the famous ‘Yashodha’.

He called his son 108 names like Krishna. even today Even after Susnath grew up so much. And see what Kaushik says? He said, “I doubt whether such a mother-son relationship is one in a million.”

With the motherly love that Lavani nurtures the child of her husband’s previous side, this picture of ‘Sat Ma is Ku-Mata’ is changed. Sri Ramachandra’s evil stepmother is not Kaikeyi but Krishna’s mother Yashoda.

Today, on Mother’s Day, Lavani said, “Remembering Evil Eye, I don’t want to say anything about the relationship between me and my son Susnatra.

I have not opened my mouth in the last 27 years. However, it is a relationship with God for me. This is what I prioritize most in life.”

Many girls want to have their own children after marriage. But Lavani didn’t have a single drop. The words he said this time, may put ‘Manush’ and ‘Mother’ Labani in a much higher position.

This web series is full of romance scenes, don’t forget to watch it in front of kids

This web series is full of romance scenes, don’t forget to watch it in front of kids

May 15, 2024

She has created a new definition of motherhood and explained her reasons for not giving birth to her own children. The actress says, “When I first met Susnatar, I saw an insecure little boy who had left his mother.

I pulled that boy close. Susnath found the lost mother in me. If me and Kaushik were to give birth to another child, the boy might again be insecure. I didn’t want to give him that shock. So I did not give birth to a child myself.”


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