This web series is full of romance, don’t forget to watch it in front of anyone

This web series

Entertainment Desk: This web series In the age of digitization after Corona, people are leaving theaters and leaning towards online theater or OTT for entertainment.

Therefore, along with traditional web series, the adult web series segment has started gaining popularity through OTT.

Multiple web series full of romance are launched daily on multiple OTT platforms like “Ullu”, “Koku”, “Prime Shot”. Today we bring you through this report one such hot web series Hadith.

After “Sanveda”, “Chupi Nazar”, this time Koku appeared in “Courtship” web series with a teller. After the release of the trailer through YouTube, the excitement spread among the audience.

This web series
This web series

The upcoming web series stars gorgeous actress Shreyshi and the casting of this actress means that there is no doubt about how hot the series is going to be.

The story of the web series revolves around a newly married couple who have been living happily for two years but one day the husband finds his wife talking on the phone with an old lover and there is a marital discord between them.

They decide to divorce each other and stay with each other for 6 months without consulting the court. Later the wife proposed to the husband to find each other a new partner and the husband also agreed to the wife’s proposal.

Then you have to watch this upcoming web series “Courtship” to know where the story is turning.

This upcoming webseries is going to be launched on “Koku” platform. Where actress Shreyshi has been seen practically crossing all boundaries of shame in multiple web bed scenes.

Sravanti with whom the fire spread in the swimming pool

Sravanti with whom the fire spread in the swimming pool

But not only Shreyasi, actors like Kunal Mehta Bhanu Thakur will also be seen displaying their great performances in the web series. So what is the delay? Subscribe now on the “Koku” platform and enjoy this sweat-inducing webseries!


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