Uncontrollable Pawan Singh watching Amrapali Dub’s luscious dance


Entertainment Desk: Uncontrollable Along with Bollywood, the Bhojpuri film industry is coming to the center of attention these days.

Bhojpuri films have improved a lot compared to earlier. Song videos or dialogues of various Bhojpuri movies sometimes become superhits in the world of social media.


Especially in YouTube’s trending list, various Bhojpuri movie songs or videos can be seen.

All those who are familiar with Bhojpuri cinema have heard the name of Queen of Bhojpuri cinema Amrapali Dub. Recently, she became popular on YouTube by shooting a romantic song video with Bhojpuri superstar Pawan Singh.

If you have watched Bhojpuri song videos on YouTube then surely you know the name of Amrapali Dub. Many love Bhojpuri industry only for this Amrapali.

Millions of netizens have fallen in love with the actress’ magical look. Many people go crazy to watch a music video of this actress. Recently, a music video of Amrapali has gone viral on YouTube, which may make your eyes water.

Amrapali Dub’s new video with Pawan Singh has gone viral on the internet. The song is titled, “Rate Buja Ke Piya”.

In this video, two stars have danced to the beat of the song in an incredibly beautiful manner. Their sizzling chemistry has won the hearts of the netizens.

Dipzal’s duties as General Secretary of Shilpi Samiti suspended

Dipzal’s duties as General Secretary of Shilpi Samiti suspended

It was posted on the Wave DJ Song YouTube channel. Countless people have seen this video. Many people also liked and commented on it. About 55 lakh likes have come in this video.


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