Urvashi spread fascination as the ‘pink queen’ at Cannes

Urvashi spread

Entertainment Desk: Urvashi spread The most prestigious event in the film world, ‘Cannes Film Festival’, is sitting in the southern coastal city of France. On May 14, the 77th edition of this event was opened.

Urvashi spread
Urvashi spread

All domestic and foreign stars are gathering in eye-catching looks in this grand event. This time, Urvashi Rautela spread fascination on the Cannes red carpet as the pink queen.

As always, he has spread the light of form in this season as well in an appealing look. Urvashi shared some pictures from the red carpet on the first day of Cannes. In the caption, the actress wrote,

‘At the Cannes Film Festival Opening Ceremony.’ It shows her dressed in a pink gown.

Urvashi’s fans are appreciating seeing their favorite star in such a look. There has been a flurry of comments in the actress’ comments box. One wrote, ‘No one can match your beauty. Not even Kylie Jenner.” Another wrote, ‘Queen of pink.’

According to Indian media sources, Urvashi’s gown was designed by star designers Khaled and Marwan. The actress’ dress was made by Out Kuchar, a fashion house based in Beirut, Lebanon.

Incidentally, Urvashi won the Miss Diva Universe title in 2015. She also represented India in the Miss Universe pageant in the same year.

আপনার ডেটা এন্ট্রি ওয়ার্কফ্লো স্বয়ংক্রিয় করার জন্য এআই টুলস

আপনার ডেটা এন্ট্রি ওয়ার্কফ্লো স্বয়ংক্রিয় করার জন্য এআই টুলস

She holds the record for the most number of beauty pageant winners till date. Besides, Urvashi caught attention by acting in several Bollywood movies.





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