Vinicius shared Messi’s record

Vinicius shared

Vinicius shared Another big match. Vinicius flares up again. After the semi-final, Vinicius Jr. also showed his glimpse in the final of the Champions League.

Vinicius scored 6 goals as Real Madrid won their 15th Champions League title. One of which was on the big stage of the final against Dortmund.

In the 82nd minute, Vinny Jr.’s goal decided the fate of the final.

This Brazilian left winger has become a symbol of Real Madrid’s confidence since the last few seasons. Two years ago,

Vinicius shared
Vinicius shared

Real won the Champions League final with his goal in 2022. He disappointed the English club Liverpool in that final in Paris. Borussia Dortmund lost in 2024.

And by scoring in these two finals, this Brazilian star shared the feat of Lionel Messi, one of the best in football history.

He was 23 when he scored in the Champions League final yesterday. Only Messi has scored in two Champions League finals before turning 24. This time, Vinicius shared Messi’s record.

The Brazilian, who is at the peak of form, scored the goal in the 82nd minute of the match.

He made no mistake to score from Bellingham’s wonderful pass. He easily defeated Kobel with one shot. His goal took Real Madrid closer to their 15th Champions League title with a 2-0 lead.

In addition, Vinicius is in the same position as Messi in terms of assists in the knockout stages of the Champions League.

Vinny has equaled Messi’s 12 assists in UCL knockouts so far. In front is the record of 15 assists of Christian Ronaldo, who became a legend of Real Madrid.

Vinicius has had a great season for Real. Won La Liga and Champions League titles. Along with 23 goals in the season,

Copa America 2024: Where Messi is on top

Copa America 2024: Where Messi is on top

there are 9 assists. He is also the team’s top scorer with 6 goals in the Champions League. The Copa America is ahead. Vinicius may have hinted to do something big there too.


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