Viral video of Yuvati dancing again inside the metro

Viral video

Entertainment Desk : Viral video Bharsa Metrorail to reach the destination in less time. Whether it’s during office hours or to get home at night,

many people rely on Metrorail. But recently India’s Metrorail has been making headlines for a different reason.

Viral video
Viral video

Common travelers who are tired of doing things like creating reels of social media influencers.

Sometimes it is seen, sitting in the metro, someone is cutting vegetables, sometimes someone is dancing. This time, a young woman’s dance video has gone viral again.

In this, a young woman was seen dancing obscenely inside the metro. This sensational incident happened in the metro of New Delhi, the capital of India.

Last Sunday (May 19) this information was reported by the Indian media NDTV.

According to the report, for the last 20 years Delhi Metro has become a lifeline for the commuters of this capital city of India and it is also considered as one of the most convenient mode of transport.

But in recent days, Delhi Metro has been in the news for a strange reason.

And now several videos of a young woman dancing inside a Delhi Metro train have surfaced online and the videos have sparked outrage among social media users.

In the videos, the young woman is seen performing obscene dances including belly dancing in front of other passengers.

According to Indian media, a young woman was seen belly dancing inside the Delhi Metro. T

he young woman can be seen dancing in front of the metro passengers sometimes shaking her hips and sometimes belly dancing. One clip even shows him kneeling on the subway floor.

During this obscene dance, the expression of annoyance was evident on the faces of some of the passengers. The young woman identified herself as a dancer on her Instagram profile.

Meanwhile, these videos of dancing in the metro have gone viral on social media. Social media users criticized the young woman’s ‘obscene’ dance.

Mentioning that this kind of behavior in public transport is not correct, many have also demanded strict punishment of the young lady.

Incidentally, strict warnings were issued after several such incidents occurred in the Delhi Metro earlier too. However, according to social media users, that warning didn’t work.

And so they want, if anyone is seen behaving like this inside the metro, a fine of 10,000 rupees should be imposed.

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And many have claimed that this incident will stop only then. However, the authorities have repeatedly asked not to shoot videos inside the Delhi Metrorail.


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