I was shouting not to do those things, but still did not leave: Reshmi Desai

was shouting not

Entertainment desk: was shouting not I was shouting not to do those things – casting couch is often heard in Bollywood media quarters.

Literally meaning harassment. Many actresses are victims of such harassment. Some don’t open their mouths out of shame and some explode bombs.

Reshmi Desai opened up about the casting couch. India’s popular actress made an explosive comment. In an interview with the media, Reshmi revealed many unknown stories of the acting world. To recall that event with sorrow

Gie Reshmi said, I started working in the media about 13 years ago. I came to the media at a very young age. No prior media work experience. I was a complete newbie. At that time I met a person named Suraj.

was shouting not
was shouting not

Don’t know where he is now or what he’s doing. He wants to know my statistics in the first meeting. I told him what exactly you want to know, I don’t understand. Then he tried to sexually harass me. Reshmi mentioned that person

He also said, suddenly one day Suraj called me for work. But when I went there, I did not see anyone except Suraj.

There were no cameras. He mixed something in the drinks. Because of this my normal consciousness disappears. Even after that I was screaming that I didn’t want to do those things.

Still he didn’t quit. After about two and a half hours I somehow managed to get back home.

I told my mother everything when I got home. The next day mother met him and slapped him. Reshmi Desai is seen at the event of India’s popular reality show Bigg Boss 13.

Reshmi’s popularity is skyrocketing after the show. And right now the social media is hot because of Reshmi’s explosive comments against the casting couch.

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But the surprising thing is that even though everyone is tuning in for Reshmi, many are also criticizing her.


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