What Shruti Das said about Kajol after sharing her rain-soaked video

What Shruti Das said about

Entertainment desk: What Shruti Das said about The joy of rain is not limited to childhood. So actress Shruti Das once again tasted that pure joy. Thursday afternoon light rain.

Satan got up on the roof wrapped in a towel. He shared the rainy video on social media. The video was captioned, ‘People think celebrities don’t use towels. They always use towels. But since I was a child, I was wet with a towel in the rain.

What Shruti Das said about
What Shruti Das said about

Why did Shruti suddenly make such a comment? In this context, the actress told Anandabazar Online, “Many people criticize my lifestyle. I’ll wet myself with a towel,

if people think it’s showy, I don’t care.” He does not want to create distance with his roots. Shruti likes to stay close to the ground.

Shruti wanted to get wet in the rain with her husband, but it didn’t happen anymore. In this context, Shruti told Anandabazar Online, “The groom (Swarnendu Samaddar) forbade me to talk about getting wet in the rain,

I will catch a cold! How much I insisted to get wet with me, but he didn’t agree to anything.” The actress appeared to her mother in the kitchen after not getting a satisfactory answer from her husband. “I told my mother too.

“Mom drove me away because there was a lot of work,” said Shruti with a smile. No one joined him. He took the video himself by placing the mobile phone on the brick on the ground.

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In the movie ‘Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge’, Kajol’s towel-wrapped dance scene in the rain is well-known. He is an unattainable desire for the teenage girls of the nineties.

In this context, Shruti said, “Like Kajal, I can easily dance in public in the rain. It is a different fantasy. But he had a towel, I will have a towel.”


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