That’s why Janhveer was uncomfortable with his body structure for a while

why Janhveer

why Janhveer Janhvi Kapoor, the daughter of Sridevi and Boney Kapoor, has created a strong position in Bollywood on her own merits.

However, this actress had to go through a difficult time at the age of only 12 years. His picture was added to the ‘blue picture site’. Maybe Janhvi has to pay the price of being a star-daughter.

why Janhveer
why Janhveer

Janhveer grew up in front of the camera since childhood. He was always in front of the camera of photographers.

Being the daughter of such a big legendary actress came into the limelight before doing anything special.

A photo of her aged just 12 was uploaded to an adult photo site. The actress said that even though the film is Janhbir’s, it was manipulated.

According to the actress, I was in fourth grade then. As soon as I entered the computer class at school, my classmates started laughing at my picture on the screen.

There are jokes about why there is so much hair on the body. Since then, everyone started looking at me differently. People used to think these ‘morphed’ (a kind of animation) pictures were real. That makes me even more worried.

Weather news for the next 7 days

Weather news for the next 7 days

Janhvi said that she was uncomfortable with her body structure for a while. But slowly he got over his discomfort. Sridevi-Kanya has gradually developed herself as a beautiful heroine. Now he is more bold and confident.


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