A talibé ilm, while teaching ilm to women, finds himself in a special relationship with one of them.

A talibé ilm teaches ilm to women and finds himself involved in a special relationship with one of them.
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A talibé ilm teaches ilm to women and finds himself involved in a special relationship with one of them.
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There is a Taliban Ilm in our country. His knowledge is good. He exhorts us to acquire knowledge, taqwa, follow the Sunnah and observe etiquette with the scholars. We know him as a rightist Salafi. Whatever he teaches us about the details of religion,

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we follow him. He is certified for teaching Quran Kareem and Hadith of Prophet (PBUH). Although we imitate him, he encourages us not to imitate him. I think he fears Allah when it comes to fatwas or the way he treats us as women.

I play some role in spreading his knowledge. But the sad thing is that a woman has informed me (I think she is truthful) that he has an illicit relationship with this woman. It is completely secret. I say again in complete secrecy. The woman says that she is trying to

legalize this relationship through marriage. But due to some circumstances of his own, he is not able to do that. The sad thing is – despite this, he did not stop talking to this woman. He says that he is trying to create an environment. In such a situation, shall we

refrain from acquiring knowledge from him? Will refrain from sitting in his arms? Shaitan is puzzling me, telling me that he himself does not act according to what this scholar says. Satan is making me doubt in every word he says. Or we will say – only humans are

sinners. Maybe he lost to this Guna. We know that he fears Allah by using rituals with us. And this matter is a secret matter. No one knows about this except a few people. He does not know that I know this. No one is innocent except the Prophet.

A talibé ilm teaches ilm to women and finds himself involved in a special relationship with one of them.
the answer

Alhamdulillah (All praise be to Allah).

It is true that no person can be found who is free from all sins. Every man has sin. That quality is known only to the person and his Lord. This is the true condition of Bani Adam. It was narrated from Abu Huraira (R.A.) that he said, The Prophet (S.A.W.) said,

“If you had not sinned, Allah would have brought in your place a people who would have sinned and asked Allah for forgiveness, then Allah would have forgiven them. would forgive [Sahih Muslim, 2749]

But it is also true that the condition of the servants of Allah is not like the knowledge of these students who are engaged in teaching religion to women. Allah the Exalted says about His servants: “And if the temptation of Satan tempts you, then seek refuge in

Allah, He is the Hearer, the All-Knower. As soon as Satan comes upon those who fear Allah, they become alert and their discretion is awakened. On the other hand, those who are brothers of Satan are constantly led by Satan to corruption. Then there is no

reduction in it. [Surah Araf, 200-202] Shaykh Ibn Saadi (RA) said, No servant of Allah is free from negligence. And the devil is sitting like a border guard to take advantage of the servant’s negligence. Whenever he gets a chance, he attacks the servant of Allah. So

here Allah Ta’ala has mentioned the signs of the astray. When a muttaqi slave becomes vulnerable to sin, he commits a forbidden act or neglects an obligation at the instigation of Satan, he immediately examines the path by which Satan has induced him,

he remembers what Allah has enjoined upon him, and What he thinks is the essential claim of faith. It was then that his discretion was awakened and he sought forgiveness from Allah. Tawbaye compensates the loss of guna through nasuh. And do more good deeds. In this way, he resisted the devil in extreme despair. Whatever harm Satan

has done, he repays more than that. On the other hand, when Satan’s brothers, Satan’s friends indulge in any sin, they continue to indulge in sin one after another, they do not stop from sin. When Satan sees that they are addicted to guna, that they

have no lack of enthusiasm for evil deeds, then Satan does not leave them behind. [Tafseer Saadi, p. 313]

What category does this student belong to? If any sin is committed by the Muttakis they have done what they do!! He should have reformed himself, awakened his discretion, become aware of his crimes. He is engaged in teaching people beneficial knowledge.

People thought it safe to let their daughters learn knowledge from him and women also thought it safe to learn knowledge from him. Then he indulged in such heinous acts. The shepherd’s duty is to protect the flock from the wolves. But what will happen if the

shepherd himself appears as a wolf!! He should have identified the path of his own weakness and marked the path of temptation and closed it. Blocking Satan’s path. He should have served as an invitation to men. Teaching religion to men and leaving

the responsibility of teaching women to others. But he did not do that and went on the path of fitnah. By keeping illicit relationships and illicit communications intact

Six – these are all the functions of multiplication. He should have avoided them and closed its main gate. That is, blocking the path of teaching women and communicating with women – because he is weak towards women. On the authority of Usama bin

Zayd (RA), who narrated from the Prophet (PBUH) that, “I did not leave behind me any fitnah more difficult for a man than the fitnah of a woman.” [Sahih Bukhari (4808) and Sahih Muslim (6881) ]

In this Taleb, Ilm should have been careful about fitna. Identifying the path through which he is suffering and stopping it. But continuing on this path has betrayed him.

Threatened his religion. Shaykhul Islam Ibn Taymiyyah (RA) said: When the emigrants arrived in Madinah, separate houses were arranged for the unmarried Companions. They did not live in the house of married companions. This is why unmarried Companions

live together with married Companions, there is a risk of fitnah. Putting fire and wood together is like putting together a man and a woman. [Istikama, p. 1/361]

You mentioned that his illegal relationship was completely secret. There is no alternative but to keep the illicit relationship secret. Or you want him to roam the streets with his

lover. Listen to this hadith, we are afraid – I do not know that he is included in the threat of this hadith. It is narrated from Sawban (RA) that he narrated from the Prophet (PBUH) that he said: I know that on the Day of Resurrection, a group of my Ummah will appear

as white as the mountain of Tihama with good deeds. But Allah will make them forget those good deeds. Sawban said: O Messenger of Allah (SAW)! You let us know their identity; Lest we unknowingly be among them. He said: They are your brothers,

your descendants. They are Tahajjudgujar like you. But they engage in disobedience to Allah in seclusion.

We want to say unequivocally – the advice for you is that since you have come to know about this incident, refrain from taking lessons from it. You can acquire knowledge from reliable scholars instead of his classes. It can even be through web sites,

can be through cassettes, can be through books. Alhamdulillah; There are many means of attaining knowledge. Rather you should advise your girlfriend to break up with this teacher and repent to Allah. Later, if the teacher wants to marry her according

to the Shariah, then let him propose publicly. As pious and noble people propose. He should not drink water like ignorant people. If it is possible for you to convey a message to the teacher to refrain from teaching women, such as by giving a hint that his

matter has become known so that he will desist from such an act and be warned of the gravity of his sin, it is well to do so. But it should not spread the news and gossip of people. Because it is a Shariah duty to keep a believer’s fault secret. In particular, the evils of spreading such news are many and cause disrepute to pious people.

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