Film actress Purnima got membership in Censor Board

actress Purnima

Entertainment desk: actress Purnima Dilara Hanif Poornima is a popular actress of Dhakai cinema. Away from acting.

Sometimes the two are seen as judges on a reality show. The government has formed a new committee of the Bangladesh Film Censor Board. Actress Purnima has been placed in this committee of 15 members.

actress Purnima
actress Purnima

The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting announced the names of the members of the committee through a notification on Sunday (May 12).

According to Censor Board sources, Information Secretary has been elected as the new chairman of this board.

He will serve as the chairman of the Censor Board for the next one year. Apart from this, six members of various ministries including the Ministry of Information will perform their duties.

Actor Azizul Hakeem and actress Dilara Hanif Poornima have been featured in it for the first time. Also in the cast are Aruna Biswas, Rokeya Prachi, Sujata Azim.

Kazi Hayat, Jahangir Alam got a place on the board as producers and Khorshed Alam Khosru became a member for the fifth time as a producer.

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As usual, the new committee includes the Managing Director of BFDC (Nujhat Yasmin) and the Vice Chairman of the Censor Board, Khaleda Begum.

Besides, six representatives from different ministries are also staying as members.


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