After four months of separation, Kanchan’s ex-wife changed her tune

After four months

Entertainment Desk: After four months Actor and MP Kanchan Mallick of Upper Bengal and ex-wife Pinky Banerjee separated in January this year.

Then the actor married actress Srimayi Chattraj on February 14, i.e. International Valentine’s Day. After a long time of love, this couple is now busy with a new family.

Meanwhile, Pinky has started organizing her own life without her husband. She spends her days with her son Osh. Kanchan’s chapter is also past in his life now. But suddenly what happened to Pinky; The discussion started with a few words?

According to the Indian media, Pinki has changed her tune after the breakup. In his words, there are things he wanted to hold on to. But did he give any hint about Kanchan – the question in the minds of Pinky’s followers.

After four months
After four months

Pinky added her own words by making a video clip with a selfie. In the voiceover of that video, Pinky said, “I want to hold on to what will be lost. What do you say to a timeless selfie/ for a time capsule?”

Pinky shared the clip on Instagram. In response, netizens wrote on the post, “But you are not alone.

So let what will be lost be lost. Don’t hold back.” Someone wrote, “You are self-sufficient. Take care of your son on the journey of life.” Someone wrote back, “What are you talking about? What is lost is better lost.”

It should be noted that earlier on the night of Kanchan Mallick’s birthday on May 7, Pinky made a post directly addressed to her ex-husband.

The former directly thanked Kanchan by adding some pictures there. Kanchan has contributed a lot to the brightness and improvement in Pinky’s life, he said.

Meanwhile, actor Kanchan has had a mix of good and bad since the beginning of the year. The actress started a new family with Shrimayi Chattraj.

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There is no fault of the imam of the mosque: Jabi student

Before this, Kanchan divorced Pinky Banerjee in January, and Pinky Banerjee moved away from Kanchan with an alimony of 56 lakh rupees during the separation.


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