There is no fault of the imam of the mosque: Jabi student

There is no fault

Jumbangla Desk: There is no fault Imam of Jagannath University central mosque in the incident surrounding a student.

Chalah Uddin was verbally relieved of duty. However, the student said that there is no fault of the imam of the mosque. The imam is a very good man, he never entered the mosque

According to the mosque’s muezzin and eyewitnesses, on May 18, a first-year student of Jabir Political Science Department fell asleep in the prayer area of ​​the female students of the Central Mosque due to physical illness.

When the muezzin of the mosque went to lock the lock, he saw the girl. Then he informed the imam about it.

There is no fault
There is no fault

The two guards on duty at that time asked him to come out. But neither the imam nor the guards entered. By that time Imam reached the spot and he called the proctor and told the matter.

The student then told the imam that she was a resident student of Jabir Bangamata Sheikh Fazilatunnesa Mujib Hall. The imam then spoke to the house tutor of the hall, Sazia Afrin,

and arranged for her to be sent to the hall. In view of this incident, the university administration gave verbal discharge to the imam, accusing him of neglecting his duties in the mosque. The university administration formed a committee of 5 members to investigate the incident.

The student told Jugantar that night I fell asleep during the Esha prayer. Woke up around 10:30 pm I call because the light is off. Meanwhile, two guards came. Tell them, I did not understand when I fell asleep during the prayer.

The guards took me out. After a while Imam came. He called the proctor. I also talk to him. Then talk to the house tutor on the phone. He asked me to come to the hall. There is no fault of Imam in this. He is a very good person. He did not enter the mosque.

In this regard, the imam of the mosque said. Salah Uddin said, my job is to teach prayers in the mosque. It is not my responsibility to see who is sleeping. So I prayed and went home.

Later, at around 10:30 PM, the muezzin called and informed me about the matter. After knowing that a girl student was staying inside the mosque, I reported the incident to the proctor.

I came and contacted the student on the phone with the proctor. The student then said that she can leave if she is a single student. Then he left the hall. After 10 days, yesterday (Monday) I heard that there has been an investigation committee against me.

Sazia Afrin, assistant professor of philosophy department and house tutor of the student hall, said about the incident that night, ‘Yes, she (the student) called me. Tells me about falling asleep.

Talking to him, I understood that he was afraid because he was new. Later I arranged for him to return to the hall. The security personnel brought him to the hall.

The student was ill at that time. So maybe he fell asleep. He replied to the question whether he had made any complaint against anyone, “No, he did not make any complaint”.

Professor Dr. Proctor of the University in this regard. Mohammad Jahangir Hossain said, I am not blaming the imam or that student.

The thing is – a girl will sleep in the mosque but the imam will not know, it cannot happen. It is not neglecting his responsibility! For this he has been temporarily exempted. Prohibited from offering prayers.

The convener of the investigation committee formed in this incident. AKM Lutfar Rahman said, I came to know yesterday (Monday) that I have been made the convener of the committee.

Before this I did not know anything about this incident. Will talk to all concerned. Therefore, if the investigation is not completed, the matter cannot be said.

Meanwhile, a lot of criticism has started on the social media Facebook about the release of the imam. The students claim that the incident started on March 17.

On that day National Children’s Day and on the death of Jobi Law Department student Fairuz Avantika, doa and milad mahfil were held at the central mosque of the university to seek forgiveness for his soul.

Vice-chancellor Sadeka Halim made a speech by sitting all the men and women together next to the pulpit of the mosque.

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This web series is full of romance, don’t forget to watch it in front of anyone

At that time, the imam protested by saying that men and women sitting together in the mosque violated Islamic religious rules. Due to this incident, the students believe that the Imam has been released conspiratorially.


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