What Ansuya said after winning Best Actress at Cannes


Ansuya Kolkata actress Ansuya Sengupta won the best actress award at the 77th Cannes Film Festival. He received this award for the movie ‘The Shameless’.

Expressing the immediate feeling of winning at Cannes, the actress said, “I am giddy with joy right now.”

give me some time I can’t say more before I go home. Hope you understand. There will be a press conference very soon. I will say a lot then. I am looking forward Ansuya to share my feelings with you.

Ansuya won the Best Actress Award in the Cannes Film Festival’s ‘A Certain Regard’ category for her stunning performance in ‘The Shameless’, based on William Dalrymple’s ‘Nine Lives’. Ansuya This girl from Kolkata studied English literature at Jadavpur University.


Ansuya Sengupta, who primarily works as a production designer in Mumbai, lives in Goa. Through director Q, he got in touch with Bulgarian director Konstantin Bonzyanov. The director was impressed by Ansuya drawings.

In an interview, the director said, My friendship with Ansuya is for his paintings. The more I watched his films, the more I could see my own movie character in front of my eyes.

Among them, several talented and popular actresses were interested in doing this role. I won’t say the name. But there was something about Ansuya that made me believe she was the best fit for the role.

Earlier Ansuya acted in Anjan Dutt’s ‘Madly Bengali’ movie. Aparajita Aadhya was again in that movie. Aparajita is proud of her former co-star’s success.

The actress said, after a long time, a Bengali award. I worked with Ansuya. That was a long time ago.

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I don’t remember that well. He received this award for the movie of Bulgarian director Konstantin Bonzyanov. This is a great find. Bengalis get very little! Bengali’s talent is less recognized than that.


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