Two beauty queens returned the crowns of the beauty titles

beauty queens

Entertainment Desk: beauty queens Miss USA Noelia Voight relinquishes the crown seven months after winning the beauty pageant.

A few days later Miss Teen USA Uma Sophia Srivastava also followed Noelia’s path. The two beauties said that the toxic work culture at the workplace was the reason for taking this final decision.

beauty queens
beauty queens

Now the mothers of former Miss USA and Miss Teen USA have spoken out about their daughters stepping down from the title.

One mother told the US Morning News show, “The title of their dream has turned into a nightmare.”

Both contestants relinquished the crown just one day apart from each other last week.

Officials of the Miss USA and Miss Teen USA pageants said last week that they support the two titleholders’ decision to step down and will announce a successor.

It is not yet known whether the pageant runner-up, Savannah Gankiewicz, will be announced as the winner or an entirely new winner will be selected.

Couldn’t be a mother like Parimani: Apu Biswas

Couldn’t be a mother like Parimani: Apu Biswas

After leaving the crown, Noelia said, I know – a new chapter is beginning in my life. As always, I will stand by people, give them inspiration.

I will tell everyone, take care of mental health. Tell people to be a voice for themselves and others.


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