“We’re both naughty”

both naughty

Entertainment desk: both naughty Dhallywood hero Zayed Khan. He is in the headlines for various issues rather than work.

Sometimes with digbaji and sometimes show-off of their clothes. Meanwhile Shahriar Nazim Joy is not less. He is well known for his eccentric performances. The actor often embarrasses guests by asking questions on his shows.

These two came to the discussion again on social media. Zayed recently appeared in a program called ’13 Questions’ to present Joy. And that’s where he called himself a pervert. This actor called not only himself but also Joy as a pervert.

Joy asked Zayed on the occasion, “Many people say that if I could beat Zayed Khan, I would have been able to beat him.” Then I would have peace of mind.

both naughty
both naughty

In response to such words, Zayed said, ‘I heard this about you when you went abroad. I said, I can’t beat it. The channel is inside the eye. There is no opportunity to kill.

At this time, Joy was a little embarrassed. However, to confirm the matter, he asked the actor again, ‘Hearing like this?’

In response, Zayed said, “A lot.” Yours is my same case. Those who abuse me, abuse you too. Called me and said that I can’t go to the show of this idiot. I said, brother, I am also another pervert. We are both naughty.’

Swastika is going to sing in the Bengali movie

Swastika is going to sing in the Bengali movie

Meanwhile, the netizens named the video of Zayed-Joy as ‘It and Patkel’s clash’.

Many have already shared their 25-second video. Even many wrote fun captions.


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