Closed Malaysian labor market, dream of 31 thousand workers

Closed Malaysian

Jumbangla Desk: Closed Malaysian The time to go to work visa in Malaysia will end on Friday night. According to the decision of the country’s government, today is the last chance for workers to go to the Closed Malaysian.

No workers Closed Malaysian can go to Malaysia from tomorrow Saturday. Due to this, the dream of 31 thousand 701 workers approved by Bangladesh to go to Malaysia is being shattered.

According to the data of Bangladesh Manpower Employment and Training Bureau (BMET),

the Expatriate Welfare Ministry approved 523 thousand 834 workers to go to Malaysia till May 21. Although there is no further approval after May 21, BMET information says that the ministry has approved another 1,112 workers to go to the country.

Closed Malaysian
Closed Malaysian

That is, five lakh 24 thousand 946 workers were allowed to go to Malaysia till Thursday. Among them, 491 thousand 745 workers in the country went to Malaysia till yesterday.

Information from Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport says that only 1,500 workers from Bangladesh can go to Malaysia today. That means the journey of 31 thousand 701 approved workers is being cancelled.

Tragedy of stranded workers

About 20,000 workers from 14 countries were staying on the floors of the two international air terminals in Kuala Lumpur until yesterday. Among them, about 5 thousand workers are from Bangladesh.

At the last minute, there was an overcrowding of workers at the Kuala Lumpur airport. This is increasing the suffering of workers and employers. Employers are struggling to identify their employees.

The workers say that they have been staying at the airport for three to four days. Some are finding employers, some are not.

Employers are asking them to just wait. Many say that the employer has also told them not to hire them.

When an attempt was made to talk to the employers about these grievances of the workers, an unnamed person said,

“We have not talked about the workers going back.” But due to excessive pressure it is becoming difficult to find them. This is why time is needed.

To cope with this huge pressure of expatriate workers, the country’s immigration department has set a schedule for employers to find workers.

According to sources in the immigration authorities, additional counters have been opened to deal with the situation and the number of immigration officers has also been increased. Water and food are being provided to foreign workers.

1 thousand 500 workers are going on the last day

Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport information says that seven flights will leave for Malaysia from Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport today.

Among them, two flights of Biman Bangladesh, two of US-Bangla, one of Malaysian Airlines, one of Air Asia and one of Batik Airlines will go to Malaysia.

Complaints about selling tickets at higher prices

Recruiting agencies have complained of selling tickets at higher prices as Malaysia’s labor market closes. Biman Bangladesh special flight ticket prices are also alleged to exceed Tk 1 lakh.

Ether Fariel Hamid, managing director of Fariel Tours and Travels, complained to the Prime Minister’s office about the air ticket trade last Sunday. According to his complaint, the agencies are not able to directly book special flight tickets to Malaysia.

Flight tickets are not showing in Global Distribution System (GDS). In this opportunity, Biman officials are corrupting. The ticket price has exceeded one lakh rupees.

UN Letter on Corruption

On March 28, four independent experts of the United Nations wrote to the governments of Malaysia and Bangladesh about the corruption in the recruitment process of Bangladeshi workers in Malaysia.

However, the governments of both countries have not responded to this letter, the United Nations said.

Last Sunday, the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) published this letter. UN experts Tomoya Obokata, Robert McCorquodale, Gehad Madi and Siobhan Mullally wrote the letter.

According to the letter, the Bangladeshi workers have to pay a recruitment fee of between four and a half to six thousand dollars per person, which is a violation of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)

signed between the two countries in 2021. According to the MoU, this fee will be up to $720. Bangladeshi expatriates pay the highest recruitment fees globally, which are much higher than the prevailing market rates. A criminal network operates in the recruitment process of Bangladeshi workers.

They cheat the workers and hire them in fake companies. There is a lack of accountability of employers, agents and government officials involved in this recruitment.

UN experts have asked both governments for details on the investigation, prosecution of perpetrators and ethical recruitment policies.

However, as no government has responded within 60 days, it is reported that this letter will be presented to the Human Rights Council.

There is no possibility of workers leaving this year

The country’s Home Minister Saifuddin Nasution Ismail and Human Resources Minister Steven Sim Chee Kiong held a press conference on the issue of Malaysia’s labor market on May 20.

In the press conference, Home Minister Saifuddin Nasution Ismail said, “Malaysian government will no longer accept applications from foreign workers.” The application of foreign workers is currently suspended.

Abul Bashar, President of Bangladesh Association of International Recruiting Agencies, said,

“We have held several meetings with the Ministry regarding this issue.” We talked about extending the time by one or two months. Then all the workers could have been sent. Because if the workers can’t go to them

There will be financial loss. They are sitting on a lot of money. Even today (Thursday) I

informed the ministry about this matter. Tomorrow (Friday) there is a meeting in this regard in the ministry. After the meeting, it will be known what will happen to the matter.

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Deputy Secretary (Employment) of Expatriate Welfare and Foreign Employment Ministry Gazi Md.

Shahed Anwar said, “Inter-ministerial meeting on this matter is going on.” There will be a meeting in the future. After that, a decision will be taken in this regard.


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