Controversial behavior of Cannes authorities, Aishwarya’s name is not!


Entertainment desk: Controversial Aishwarya Roy stunned the audience with plaster in her hand at the 77th Cannes Film Festival.

Aishwarya has been neglected by the Cannes authorities even though the fans are under the spell of Roop’s hypnosis. And the netizens expressed their anger at that.


According to a report by Indian media NDTV, Aishwarya walked the red carpet at the screening of the movie ‘Megalopolis’ directed by Francis Ford Coppola on Thursday (May 16).

Meanwhile, 50-year-old Aishwarya was spotted in a black gown by fashion designer Falguni Shane Peacock.

The gorgeous Bollywood actress looked so stunning that no one noticed her plastered hands.

Just when Aishwarya bandana is going on everywhere, the Cannes authorities have created a problem.

They posted several pictures of special moments of the festival and celebrities walking on the red carpet on their social handles.

In this post, besides stars like Omar Sy, Greta Gerwig, Nadine Labaki, Irene Jacob, Aishwarya’s picture was also there.

Cannes’ social handle posted those pictures and mentioned everyone’s name but did not mention Aishwarya’s name.

Not only that, the authorities did not mention the name of Aishwarya and also did not tag the social handle of the actress.

But Kan’s post has been tagged on the social handles of other stars. As soon as the matter came to the attention of Aishwarya fans, they started pouring out their anger on social media.

One writes, you did not mention the name of Aishwarya in the caption, who is going to Cannes before Greta Gerwig! Another wrote, Westerners still harbor racist attitudes towards Indians.

As soon as the criticisms came to the attention of the Cannes authorities, they quickly corrected the mistakes.

Aishwarya’s name was written in the caption of the festival photo. He also tagged the actress’s account. Incidentally, Aishwarya has been walking the Cannes red carpet for 20 years.

Jennifer Lopez is going to be separated again!

Jennifer Lopez is going to be separated again!

The Bollywood actress is also serving as the face of a cosmetic company at the Cannes festival.


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