Jennifer Lopez is going to be separated again!

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez After two decades, the relationship was patched up. But within two years, the speculation about it was rampant.

The relationship between Hollywood star Ben Affleck and actress-singer Jennifer Lopez is on the verge of breaking up.

Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez

Rumors are spreading that the star couple has not posed together in front of the camera for the last 47 days. Ben has left Jennifer’s house. This is why many people are seeing vermilion clouds.

Rumors of a romance between Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez were first heard in mid-2002. In 2003 and 2004, Ben and Jennifer’s films ‘Gigley’ and ‘Jersey Girl’ were released.

At that time the marriage was ripe. Sudden dysrhythmias. The star duo decided to break up. After that, of course, there was friendship.

After breaking up with Ben, Jennifer married Mark Anthony. Both of them have two children. On the other hand, Ben is married to Jennifer Garner.

They also have three children. The relationship of the two did not last. Jennifer falls in love again with Alex Rodriguez.

Ben was having an affair with Anna de Armas at the time. But there was something else written in the rules.

Ben and Jennifer are seen together again in 2021. The two got engaged in 2022. On July 16 of that year, he went to Las Vegas and got married.

Kangana owns a total of millions of gold and cars?

Kangana owns a total of millions of gold and cars?

A month later, the two also held a ceremony for family and friends. But this family of happiness may not last long.

It is heard that despite the trouble, Benifer is not walking the path of separation. But they want to see each other for some time.


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