Deepjol expressed anger over the employment of artists in the cow market

Deepjol expressed

Deepjol expressed Dipzal will give jobs to artists at Gabtali cow market – Since hearing such a statement from Misha Saudagar,

the current general secretary of Shilpi Samiti Manowar Hossain Dipzal has come under a lot of criticism. However, the actor mentioned that this matter is completely irrelevant.

Directly rejecting this statement, Dipzal told the media that the work of artists is to make movies. Apart from movies, they don’t do anything else, they don’t want to do it.

If someone does, it’s his own business. Some of the established artistes are involved in business or other professions besides acting. That doesn’t mean they are known as traders. Their main identity is artist.

Deepjol expressed
Deepjol expressed

Deepzol expressed surprise, why should I say this! As an artist, can I say such things to another artist? Such words are unrealistic and untrue.

He said, “I am strongly protesting and condemning the statement that Misha or anyone else will give job in the cow market” citing me.

No one talked to me about this. As a result, the words that have been said are not mine. At least I can’t say that. Artists place in art, cinema. That is where he belongs, nowhere else.

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If I can, to give him a chance, I will do so. From the past to now I have given opportunities to artistes in my films, I am giving them, and I will give them in the future. I don’t think about artists beyond that.






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