Employees who can not go to Malaysia will get money back?

Employees who

Jumbangla Desk: Employees who Some have sold all their land deposits, some have mortgaged gold grains, cattle, some have taken loans to raise money to go to Malaysia. Despite the approval and visa, the dream of thousands of Bangladeshi workers has been shattered.

Because the time to go to Malaysia on worker visa ended yesterday Friday. Not even waiting till the last day, many of them returned home disappointed. On the other hand, those Employees who went also had to pay three to four times more air fare.

The question has been raised as to why such a crisis has arisen even after the Malaysian government announced a time limit in advance. News BBC Bangla

Analysts blame the lack of coordination between the Expatriate Welfare Ministry and the Bangladesh Association of International Recruiting Agencies (BAIRA) and the sending of people Employees who by syndicate.

Employees who
Employees who

Ramru, an organization working on migration, believes that the crisis has arisen due to the competition to send people by syndicates Employees who.

The founding chairman of the organization Professor Dr. Tasnim Siddiqui said that it was created due to a kind of “uneven exchange” between the recruiting agencies of Bangladesh and the relevant offices in Malaysia.

For this reason, he urged the government to take initiative to return the money to those whose money could not be sent to Malaysia.

State Minister for Expatriate Welfare Shafiqur Rahman Chowdhury told the media in Sylhet on Saturday that the workers could not go to Malaysia because of the negligence of the recruiting agency or Baira.

“We are investigating the matter. Action will be taken against those responsible,” said the state minister.

The Bangladesh Association of International Recruiting Agencies or Bayra says that this crisis has arisen due to the issue of several e-visas at the very last stage and the lack of flights. That’s why Bayra is claiming that it was not possible to send everyone to Malaysia in the end.

Shamim Ahmed Chowdhury Noman, the recently former secretary general of the organization, said, “We requested the Malaysian authorities through our ministry mission to extend the time. But they did not extend the time”.

Workers depend on travel agents to purchase air tickets from Bangladesh to abroad. The Association of Travel Agents of Bangladesh Atab says the crisis has arisen due to lack of coordination between the Ministry of Expatriate Welfare, Bangladesh Manpower Employment and Training Bureau-BMET, and BIRA.

Abdus Salam Aref, President of Atab, told BBC Bangla, “There was a lack of consensus on the part of all parties in sending workers to Malaysia. But when the Malaysian government gave a deadline, there was a need for coordination between Bayra and the Ministry of Expatriate Welfare”.

What is the fate of disadvantaged workers?
After the corona epidemic, Malaysia announced the re-opening of the labor market in 2022.

It is said in various media that until last May 21, Bangladesh Manpower Employment and Training Bureau (BMET) allowed about 5 lakh 24 thousand workers to go to Malaysia.

The deadline for these workers to go to Malaysia is May 31. The matter was clearly communicated to Bangladesh by Malaysia.

Last Thursday, 492,000 workers went to the country. Out of the remaining 32,000 workers, 150,000 workers got a chance to go to Malaysia on a total of 10 flights last Friday.

But many of the 31,500 workers who were excluded came to the airport that day to go to Malaysia. But they went back disappointed.

Expatriate Welfare State Minister Mr. Chowdhury said, we are trying. In addition to investigation and action, those who have suffered should be compensated.

Who is responsible for this crisis?
After being closed for a long time, the Malaysian labor market was opened for Bangladeshi workers two years ago. Then the country announced to take workers from Bangladesh.

Analysts believe that the crisis has been created since this announcement.

The founding president of Ramru Miz. Siddiqui told BBC Bangla, “The whole crisis is created because of the initiative of some agencies to send people by syndicate. It has been said to give people to such institutions, whether there is an institution or not has not been verified.”

He questioned why people were sent despite knowing that such a crisis would arise.

However, Bayra’s statement in this complaint is that this situation has arisen due to lack of e-visa and flight crisis despite the availability of calling visa and not syndicate.

Bayra executive committee member Ruhul Amin Swapan said, “There are not too many workers left out. Still, our government is in touch with the Malaysian authorities.”

“We are waiting to see what happens to those who have valid visas,” said Bayar’s Noman.

In an interview given to the media, State Minister for Expatriate Welfare Chowdhury said, “We have urged the recruiting agencies from the beginning. They have made various excuses since the beginning. Those responsible for this incident will be punished.”

Screams at the airport
Hundreds of thousands of workers flocked to Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport on Friday. All these workers had Malaysian visas. But they complained that they did not get the flight ticket.

All of them alleged that many were duped by recruiting agencies with more money than the contract.

One of them said Patuakhali. Kawsar Hossain. He was also waiting for three days at Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport.

He said that he and his four uncles Mohammad Abu Saeed paid a total of Tk 540,000 to an agency to go to Malaysia.

Employees who

Osar said, “They didn’t give us any more tickets for doing it today or tomorrow, tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.” After visiting the airport for three days, he is now returning. I have borrowed this money from people. Now how will I return this money”?

As of Friday, there were many who were waiting at the airport.

As many as 20 people who paid to go to Malaysia through an agency in Narayanganj arrived at the airport on Friday.

They said that their contract with the agency was to make 5 lakh 60 thousand taka. But last time he took 6 lakhs from them. They were asked to come to the airport on Friday but did not contact them again. In the afternoon, a person from the agency came and said that there was nothing they could do as the plane ticket was not available.

Ratna Begum’s husband was tortured after going to Malaysia. Since then, she has not been able to find any trace of her husband.

It was already known that those who got a worker visa in Malaysia are required to enter by May 31.

The Ministry of Expatriate Welfare and Foreign Employment informed everyone about this matter through an urgent notice in the newspaper on May 16. However, many expatriates in Bangladesh did not know this. After May 20, when the matter became known, he was forced to go to Malaysia.

In such a situation, due to the sudden increase in demand due to today’s deadline of May 31, the airlines have increased the capacity of seats as well as operated special flights.

Travel agencies say that usually the price of an on-way ticket on the Dhaka-Malaysia route is 30,000 taka. But due to the dead line in the Malaysian government last time when the demand for the tickets increased, the ticket prices increased several times.

The agencies say that the price of these tickets has exceeded 1 lakh rupees in the last two weeks. This has increased both the crisis and rising prices.

Some of those who arrived at the airport on Friday complained that they had to pay 40,000 rupees more than the contract to the recruiting agency. They said that it had to be paid because of the increased air fare.

Although many people can go with the extra fare, many have returned from the airport without getting a ticket Employees who .

Association of Travel Agents of Bangladesh Atab says that the agencies thought that the Employees who Malaysian government might extend the time limit at the last moment. But due to not increasing it, additional demand for tickets is created at the last moment.

Atab president Aref said, “where the fare for going to Malaysia was Tk 30,000, last month the ticket cost up to Tk 130,000”.

Farah Khan leaked the secret information of the stars, there is a stir in the net world

Farah Khan leaked the secret information of the stars, there is a stir in the net world

He said, “Airlines have unethically increased fares after taking the opportunity. Due to which those who were able to go also suffered financially”.


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