Farah Khan leaked the secret information of the stars, there is a stir in the net world

Farah Khan leaked

Entertainment Desk: Farah Khan leaked Bollywood’s successful director and choreographer Farah Khan. In 2014, he sat in the seat of the first director.

His first movie was ‘May Hoo Na’. After that he made ‘Om Shanti Om’, ‘Tis Maar Khan’, ‘Happy New Year’ movies. Stars like Shah Rukh Khan, Deepika Padukone, Akshay Kumar acted in these movies.

The stars of the silver world tell various lies from time to time. Farah Khan claims that she usually does this to brighten her image.

This time, producer Farah Khan made a video about some of the ‘lies’ told by the stars and posted it on his YouTube channel. Let’s explore some dark side of stars-

Farah Khan leaked
Farah Khan leaked

Soon Farah Khan said, “Many stars say that my metabolism rate is too high, so I never go to the gym.

God made me like this.’ But it can never be. I would say to them, you’re either going to die by fasting, or you’re going to the gym and sitting 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.”

A few days ago, Janhvi Kapoor said that after leaving the gym, the paparazzi bothered to take pictures of her.

Without mentioning Janhvi Kapoor’s name, Farah Khan said, “She came out of the gym and looked at the paparazzi and they asked, ‘Who called you?’ Hey madam, you called yourself.”

“Many stars say, ‘I miss my old life so much, I miss smoking weed on the side of the road.’ But know, if you’re told to live a normal life, you’re not going to live anymore.” Farah Khan said.

The bride’s relatives have to test whether the groom is capable or not

The bride’s relatives have to test whether the groom is capable or not

If the movie flops, the stars are mentally broken? Farah Khan gave the correct answer to this question. He said, “When a movie flops, many people say that he is not affected at all. In fact, this is also a lie.”


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