India has brought back 100 tons of gold from Britain

has brought

International Desk: has brought All the discussions are going on in India now around gold. However, tons of gold has suddenly come to the discussion of the whole country. More than 100 tons of gold came to India from England!

During the British rule, Rashi Rashi crossed from India to Britain with gold. How much gold India has lost in 190 years of subjugation is not accounted for in books and pens.

The news of the British bringing back gold from the country has also created curiosity in the minds of the common people.

The question is, is the gold taken by the British brought back to India? The answer is, no. India is bringing back the gold deposited by India.

has brought
has brought

Will be in the vault of the Reserve Bank of India. According to various reports, 100 tonnes of gold has been brought back to India from abroad.

Where was the deposit of British gold in India? Bars of gold are arranged in large vaults under the ground of the Bank of England.

Not only the gold of India but also the gold of different countries is stored in that vault. No one can go to that vault. Only the King or Queen of England can visit the vault and see the gold stored there.

Now the question is, why India kept gold to England? What is the need of India to keep gold with the British who have exploited for almost 200 years? To know the answer to all those questions, we have to look at history.

After independence, a fear was born in India. It was thought that if a foreign company was allowed to do business in the Indian market, the same situation as the East India Company might occur.

Hence the Indian market was restricted. Which gradually pushed India towards economic crisis.

On the one hand, ‘no entry’ of foreign companies in the Indian market, on the other hand due to the import of various goods from abroad, India’s financial reserves began to strain. Imports increase more than exports.

India mainly imports oil from abroad. India conducts this business only with the countries of the Middle East. Before 1991, most of India’s essential oil supplies came from Iraq.

But in the early 1990s, Iraq was embroiled in war. At the same time, America’s eyes were full of tears. All in all, the price of oil continues to increase.

India has brought back 100 tons of gold from Britain

Oil crisis occurs in India. Enough dollars are needed to buy oil. India’s money does not flow abroad. The then government started looking for ways to get dollars.

India had no choice but to borrow dollars from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank.

But if you want to take dollars from there, you have to follow the conditions given by them. According to many, the IMF or the World Bank, though distinct in name, are controlled by America.

India then started looking for alternative ways. That’s when the government came up with the plan to keep the gold in foreign banks. However, the big challenge was to keep the gold in another foreign bank, avoiding the eyes of America.

It is heard that India secretly deposits gold with Bank of England and Bank of Japan. He takes dollars in return.

This entire operation was tried to be done secretly by the Indian government but it was leaked in some newspapers. Gold deposited abroad has started to be returned to India.

India now has 822 tonnes of gold. India has bought 203.9 tonnes of gold in the last five years. Some of them are stored with RBI. Some are deposited in foreign banks.

Not only was gold deposited in foreign banks in exchange for dollars. India also keeps gold abroad.

Why does the Indian government keep foreign banks hoarding gold? The government kept the gold out of the country thinking about various unrest in the country.

So why did India take the initiative to bring back

gold? In the atmosphere of war between Russia and Ukraine, many countries including America, England have imposed sanctions on Vladimir Putin’s country.

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Husband mutilates wife’s body after marriage

As a result, Russian deposits in foreign banks have been ‘closed’. Informed circles feel that India has also taken such steps thinking about the future. Source: Anandabazar


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