Husband mutilates wife’s body after marriage

Husband mutilates

International Desk: Husband mutilates After beheading his wife for refusing to give him dinner, the husband stripped her of her body and dismembered her body.

Such a horrifying incident happened in a village of Tumkuru in the Indian state of Karnataka. The local police said on Friday morning that the man named Shivaram confessed to killing his wife.

During police interrogation, Shivram, a resident of Holiurudurga village, said that he beheaded his wife Pushpa (35) and skinned her after she refused to give him dinner.

Police also said that Shivram-Pushpa married 10 years ago and lived together in a rented house with their eight-year-old son.

Husband mutilates
Husband mutilates

Citing the interrogation of Shivram, the police said that there was a fight between Shivram and Pushpa last Monday night.

When Shivram, a saw mill worker by profession, came back from his workplace and asked for food, a fight started over it. According to the police, Pushpa had a long-standing objection to Shivram’s profession.

The police also said that at one stage of the quarrel, Pushpa refused to give dinner to her husband.

Enraged at the incident, Shivaram hit his wife with a chapati and at one stage beheaded her. Later, Shivaram cut his wife’s skin to pieces throughout the night. The couple’s child was sleeping during the entire incident.

Later in the morning, Shivaram told the owner of the house where he was staying about the night’s incident. After that he reported the matter to the police, they came and arrested Shivram and took him away.

Superintendent of Police of Tumkur Police Station Ashok Venkat said that he (Shivaram) confessed to the murder during interrogation. There was a small quarrel between them.

The bride’s relatives have to test whether the groom is capable or not

The bride’s relatives have to test whether the groom is capable or not

They quarreled over jobs. After he killed his wife, he told the matter to his landlord. Later he called us. The body has been sent for post-mortem.


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