How much is Ori’s daily income? You will be surprised to know

How much

Entertainment Desk: How much In just two years, Orhan Avatramani aka Ori has become the apple of the eyes of Bollywood stars. From Janhvi Kapoor,

How much
How much

Suhana Khan to Sara Ali Khan, Ananya Pandey, even Deepika Padukone, Katrina Kaif, she has been seen alongside stars. Although he does not act in the film. Just take pictures.

It’s hard to find a star like that in India who doesn’t have a picture with him. He earns millions by taking pictures with stars.

The amount of that money touches the house of 20-30 lakhs and sometimes 50 lakhs daily.

Be it any Bollywood party, wedding or birthday, the event is incomplete without Ori. He is a known face in the net world.

Netizens are enthusiastic about her latest expensive clothes or phone covers or haircuts. Also, many are curious about his source of income.

In a recent podcast show, Ori said that he earned millions by taking pictures. Karan Johar’s agency looks after his work. However, he is not willing to do the movie.

He earns lakhs just by taking selfies with stars and posting them on social media pages. Ori said, “I go to various events and take pictures, and I get money for posting those pictures.”

Tanin Subha in the web series

Tanin Subha in the web series

May 14, 2024

I earn 20-30 lakh rupees by posting those pictures in one night. Apart from that, people invite me to weddings. He paid 15-20 lakhs for photographing their wedding. If you post that picture on your page,

the amount of money increases. Besides, Ori said that he wants to make people happy, not just work.


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