Justin Bieber remarried his wife

Justin Bieber

Entertainment desk: Justin Bieber Popular Canadian singer Justin Bieber is going to be a father. Hailey Bieber was rumored to be pregnant for several days.

Justin Bieber officially announced the good news to his fans by posting his wife’s baby bump.

Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber

Not only that, the couple got married again standing in front of the Father according to the Christian customs in the joy of having a child. People and BBC news.

Justin Bieber and pop star Selena Gomez had a much talked about relationship. They broke up after 8 years of relationship. After that, in 2018, Justin got married to American model Hailey.

Gomez fans claim that Hailey stole Justin from Selena Gomez. He is the main architect behind the breakup of Justin-Gomez relationship.

Gomez also stopped talking to Hailey after her marriage to Justin. They didn’t even see each other’s faces.

But recently the two were seen together. The ice of bitterness has started to melt between them. Gomez also told the media that he has no conflict with Hailey.

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Note that in 2018, Justin-Hailey got married very quietly. No one has made the news of marriage public. After four years of marriage, the star couple confirmed their marriage. And after 6 years of marriage, Justin is finally going to get the taste of fatherhood.


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