Kareena is surprised to hear the things Rani’s little daughter is learning


Kareena Rani Mukherjee feels that it is necessary to acquire skills in various subjects outside the school syllabus and sports at a young age.

Because this is the real age for learning. And that is why he has associated his daughter Adira with about ten activities. The actress recently revealed this in a conversation with Kareena Kapoor.

Curriculum Adira in English language. Apart from that he is learning Hindi language. Living in Maharashtra, hence learning the local Marathi language is necessary.

Apart from this, Rani feels that it is important to learn any international language. So besides learning Marathi language, Adira is also learning Spanish language.


Rani said, her daughter’s voice is melodious, so she is learning music. Also piano training is going on vigorously. Kareena said, Adira is learning so much together!

Rani also said that after the movie ‘Mardaani’, the actress took initiative in training her daughter in ‘Taekwondo’.

The list does not end here. Adira is also learning to play chess to sharpen her brain. Karina stopped Rani’s words, you said ten things! How to take so much training!

Rani replies that I did not force anything on her. I told him, you can learn these things. After that he is learning them voluntarily.

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Rani makes fun of Kareena’s frequent wanderings in the conversation. He said, I often see you going somewhere! On the back of these words, the two actresses also quarreled over Rani’s habit of excessive shopping.


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