Where did he get the money for the election, said Nipun


Entertainment Desk: money Discussions and criticisms have started again regarding the election of Bangladesh Film Artists Association.

This discussion has arisen mainly because of actress Nipun Akhter, the general secretary candidate who was defeated in the election of the association.

After the defeat, he congratulated president Misha Saudagar and general secretary Manowar Hossain Dipzal by wearing flower garlands.

However, Nipun filed a writ in the High Court alleging irregularities in the election. In view of his writ, the court asked Dipzol to refrain from performing his duties.


Meanwhile, Misha and Deepjol started a war of words with Nipun. Nipun also started this war.

On the other hand, many members of Shilpi Samiti marched against Nipun at FDC last Wednesday. They raised the question, where to get so much money to choose the master?

Nippon, who is currently in the US, has revealed the source of his money for the election. He told the press, ‘A girl sells her other favorite things when necessary; But jewelry is not easily missed.

Before the election, I sold 13 lakhs worth of jewelery at Mukut Jewelers in Tantibazar, Dhaka. Jewelry was my favorite. If they can, they should go to Tantibazar and look at Mukut Jewellers.’

Nipun said, “During the election, my workers worked every day in campaigning, worked, and had to make posters and banners, so I had to pay this cost.” I have not paid anyone to buy votes.

Kareena is surprised to hear the things Rani’s little daughter is learning

Kareena is surprised to hear the things Rani’s little daughter is learning

The actress warned and said, “After returning home, I will give more evidence.” Just waiting till mid June. Then I will return to the country and let the cat out of the bag.


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