Population growth is the cause of Muslim poverty

What is the ruling of the person who says: ‘The reason for the poverty of Muslims is population growth’?
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What is the ruling of the person who says: ‘The reason for the poverty of Muslims is population growth’?

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দাড়ি রাখা কি পুরুষদের স্বাস্থ্যের জন্য ভালো?

নামাজের দোয়া ও সূরা (বাংলা অনুবাদ,অর্থসহ আরবি)

তাহাজ্জুদ নামাজ কিভাবে আদায় করবেন


the answer
Question: Who says: The reason for the poverty, weakness and backwardness of Muslims in this age is population explosion and high birth rate compared to economic progress. In your view, what is the Shariah ruling about this person and what is your advice to him?

What is the ruling of the person who says: ‘The reason for the poverty of Muslims is population growth’?
the answer

We think his view is wrong. Because Allah Ta’ala is the giver of sustenance and the gatherer of sustenance for whomever wills. Overpopulation does not cause economic contraction. Because the burden of sustenance of all the animals in this world is on Allah. However, Allah Ta’ala gives sustenance due to some wisdom and withholds sustenance due to some wisdom.

My admonition to the person who believes in this is that he should fear Allah and abandon this false belief. Let him know that no matter how much the members of this world grow, Allah can provide prosperity for all of them if He wills. But Allah Ta’ala says in His Book, “If Allah had given prosperity to His servants, they would have created calamities on earth.” But He sends down as much as He wills. Surely He is All-Knowing and All-Aware of His servants. [Surah Shura, Verse: 27]

Shaykh Muhammad Bin Saleh Al-Uthaymeen

[Fatawa Ulamail Baladil Haram, Page-1084]

There is no doubt that the campaign of population control and population reduction is contrary to the instructions of the Prophet ﷺ. The Prophet sallallaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam commanded: “Marry women who are loving and give birth to many children. Because I will boast of your number over other ummahs.

Allah Ta’ala is the provider of sustenance for all creatures. He said: “And the sustenance of whoever wanders on earth is on Allah” [Surah Hud, verse 6]

Hence curbing population growth; be it by taking various contraceptive methods or by causing abortion or by any other means; From the belief that stockpiled resources are not sufficient to support overpopulation,

or that public welfare demands—reducing the rate of population growth; Indeed, this is tantamount to denying Allah’s Rububiyat (Lordship) and the vastness of His sustenance. This resembles the belief of the polytheists;

Those who used to kill their children for fear of poverty. Allah Ta’ala says: “Do not kill your children because of poverty, I provide for you and them.” [Surah An’am, verse 151] He also says: “Do not kill your children because of poverty.

It is I who provide for them and you. Surely killing them is a great crime.” [Surah Bani Israel, verse 31]

Overpopulation is a blessing from God; It is the duty to thank him for this blessing and worship him unabashedly. For this reason, Allah Ta’ala mentions His Prophet Shuaib (a.s.) who, while reminding his people of some of Allah’s blessings, said:

“Remember; When you were few in number; He increased your number.” [Surah Araf, verse 86]

A large population is a means to the dignity of the Ummah and victory over the enemy. That is why Allah Almighty says about Bani Israel:

“Then We turned against them for you, helped you with wealth and sons, and made you a great army in terms of population.” [Surah Bani Isra’il, verse 7]

Dr. in a study about the future of Egypt. Muhammad Syed Gilab said: “Population growth has never been a burden and it will not be a burden in the coming century. Rather, population has always paved the way for Egypt’s progress.”

Dr. in one of the above studies. Mostafa Al-Fakki mentions one of the reasons why Egypt became an influential country in the Arab world – ‘Egypt being a warehouse of public wealth’.

Economist Mr. Khorshed Ahmad said: “The dominant power in future will be only those countries which have high population growth rate and at the same time they are advanced in technical science.

Therefore, Western nations are promoting depopulation and sterilization movements in Asian and African countries to maintain their authority and leadership.

For this reason, Western countries are trying their best to increase their population. On the other hand, they are making the best use of all kinds of media to spread the birth control movement throughout the countries of Asia and Africa.”

He also said: “Professor Organski (American intellectual) rightly said: “In the future the army will be stronger with more soldiers.” He also says: It is not unknown to the student of history that population is of fundamental political importance.

This is why every civilization and superpower has laid great importance on population growth during its period of formation and deconstruction. Therefore, Will Durant considers overpopulation as one of the reasons for the progress of civilization.

Similarly, Arnold Toynbee declared population growth to be one of the fundamental challenges that drive the development and expansion of any human civilization.”

But this statement should not be misunderstood: Only population growth is progress, sam

Vigor does not guarantee victory over the enemy. Rather it is the main reason; But not the only reason. Population growth must be accompanied by strong education, proper upbringing, social justice and security, fight against corruption.

Rather, before everything: there must be faith and piety. Allah Ta’ala says: “And if the inhabitants of that town had believed and adopted piety, I would have opened to them the blessings of the heavens and the earth.” But they proved false. As a result,

I seized them because of what they had done. [Surah Araf; Verse: 96]

The enemies of Islam have been loudly warning about the majority of Muslims and consider it the greatest commandment for them.

In the book Changes in the Geography of the Middle East (1984 AD) written by Professor Aaron Sofar; The book, which is included in the textbook of the Jewish State and is considered as a “reference book” in the relevant departments of the country,

the author thinks that the rising rate of the population of Egypt is the reason for the fear of Israel; As a powerful army can be built through it.

The Daily Telegraph published an article in its issue of 19/1/1988 entitled ‘Population time-bomb in the Mediterranean basin’. In this article, the author discusses the issue that has made the western people sleepy. That is,

large population growth in the countries east and south of the Mediterranean and population deficit in the countries north of the Mediterranean. The article cites a report by the United Nations Environment Program that in the 1950s two-thirds of the

inhabitants of the Mediterranean region were European. They were scattered over countries stretching from the Straits of Gibraltar to the Bosphorus. But by 2025,

this picture will be reversed. Soon the Mediterranean will become an Islamic sea; Although not completely transformed into the Arabian Sea.

No doubt – the quote in question is promoting the issues of birth control and population reduction among Muslims. These campaigns are encouraged under many slogans. Such as family control, social control and family planning etc. We will say:

Those who encourage these things work for the enemies of Islam and Muslims, work for the welfare of the enemies of Islam; Whether they know it or not.

Shaykh Ibn Uthaymeen (RA) said:

Supporting birth control is undoubtedly a conspiracy of the enemies of Muslims. Enemies want the number of Muslims not to increase. Because if the number of Muslims increases, the enemies will be terrified and the Muslims will be able to complete

themselves: they will cultivate, trade themselves – this will lead to economic development and more manifold welfare will be achieved. And if they are few in number, they will be humiliated and will be dependent on others in everything.[End]

Finally, we need to increase the population and with it Islamize the development planning, Islamize the rules, Islamize the laws and apply modern knowledge along with it.

For more on this see: ‘Birth Control in the Eyes of Islam’ by Abul Ala Maududi (pages 178-186) and ‘Majallatul Bayan’ Nos. 11, 107 and 191.

Allah knows best.

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