Rachna told the secret of a happy world


Entertainment Desk: Rachna Rachna Banerjee is a popular actress of Upper Bengal. From Bollywood to Tollywood, he has gifted the audience with one after the other.

Currently, he is busy campaigning for votes. He entered politics this year. In terms of popularity, he is still a screen celebrity.


In an interview recently, he said, “Those of us who work in this profession (acting), especially girls, should marry someone who understands this profession.”

He said, “Whoever you choose as a life partner, if he is a person of this profession, it is very good, otherwise it is necessary to have that feeling.”

Family should be with such people. Because our profession is different from others. And the person who will be the life partner also has to adapt in many cases. Otherwise it becomes very difficult to be happy.’

In response to the question whether he is returning to acting, he said, ‘We have to leave everything one day. Want to change yourself with time.

He wants to spend time in his own way, starting from giving time to Pobibar. Not by stopping work, but not by not doing the work, he will do the work.

Know this child in the picture? She is a sweet face and popular actress of two Bengals

Know this child in the picture? She is a sweet face and popular actress of two Bengals

May 17, 2024

Notably, Rachna Banerjee has acted in some South Indian movies apart from Bengali and Odisha. Many beauty pageant winners Rachna first stepped into this arena in 1994 with director Sukhen Das’s first film ‘Daan Pratidan’.

She was also seen with Amitabh Bachchan in the 1999 Bollywood movie Suryavamsham. The actress, who has acted in a total of 35 movies, is currently only seen in TV shows.


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