How Sohini Sarkar was harassed in her own home

Sohini Sarkar

Sohini Sarkar A group of artists are concerned about the incident of harassment within the Bengali theater world. Harassment of theater workers, male and female, rests on the so-called big artistes.

Against such incidents, the demand for an own organization of theater workers has intensified. This time, Anirban Bhattacharya and Sohini Sarkar gave their opinions to Anandabazar Online in this context.

According to Anirvan, “There is no guild or forum in drama. So the time has come to solve the problem by creating organizations and following certain rules.”

Although not an eyewitness, he has heard about various incidents of harassment. Such incidents happened in his time or in the time before him but there was no specific scope or place of complaint.

Sohini Sarkar
Sohini Sarkar

At present, the actor thinks that artists will get some solution through this organization.

However, the Sohini government feels that the overall situation has changed somewhat compared to earlier. At present, there is a nurse working with a female patient in the medical center.

So that female patients do not have to face any inconvenience. But the media is a bit different. He said that the make-up artist or costume designer has to touch the body of the actress for work.

But there is no sex in that touch. Most of the male crew is behind the camera during the shoot, thus creating a sense of who is watching from which point of view when acting in a sensitive scene.

Isthak Sohini who came to the acting world has also faced bad experiences, but those are very few. In this context, he said, “Of course there has been injustice,

but if I sit holding those events as the only truth of life, it will not happen.” In fact, our girls’ minds are soft, so they are easily poisoned. I cannot say that any constitution will take responsibility for the turmoil and mental suffering going on inside the mind.”

But Sohini does not think that harassment only happens in the world of entertainment. The actress was harassed in her own home. He said, “An electrician came to the flat next to me.

I was leaning there saying something. Suddenly someone pinched behind me! Imagine, once, standing in my house, such an incident happened in my life!” The actress did not get the opportunity to call that person and slap him.

Because he was too late to realize the suddenness of the incident. At that moment that person disappeared! The actress naturally could not sleep through the night after the incident,

and misbehaved with her mother as a reaction to the incident. Hate has arisen since. Those accused in such incidents should be ostracized from any section of society, according to Sohini.

He said, everyone is eager to find a solution to this problem. But most people are skeptical about exactly where the solution lies. Many people are making statements, some of them are also making wrong statements.

In this context, the actress said, “I know a man who was falsely accused of ‘Mitu’. Such incidents also happen. But why stop the ‘Mitu’ movement!” The actress further said,

Archana got pregnant by her 7-year-old son

Archana got pregnant by her 7-year-old son

“We are the first generation, who are using social media, doing the ‘MeToo’ movement, expressing themselves publicly. We’re also learning new things, so we can’t be sure which direction is the right way to go.”


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