The young women’s team impressed by performing belly dance in a great way

The young women

Lifestyle Desk: The young women Smart phones have become an essential part of our lives. There are no people in the world who use smart phones but do not use social media. And due to this smartphone, various videos become viral.

The young women
The young women

Now about eight to eighty people use social media. Also the use of social media has increased manifold during the lockdown. People have taken the help of social media to pass their spare time.

Many people post their dance music videos on social media. All those videos became viral instantly. As in earlier days, the practice of veiling is no longer a problem. Nowadays, women are ahead in all aspects.

Whether they shoulder the responsibility of the family with men or go out and work, they are now ahead in all aspects. Currently, they are able to build their own careers along with studying by learning dance and music.

Even many people have become accustomed to wearing revealing clothes. Times have changed, attitudes and customs have changed. Many are trying to adapt to foreign manners to keep pace with the times.

With the change of era, people’s needs have changed quite a bit. Everyone wants to keep pace with the times.

Every moment people are learning new things and updating themselves. With the touch of modernity, there have been many changes in the calculation of likes and dislikes.

At one time classical dance music was most popular. But now there are various genres of western dance music along with classical dance music. People have embraced modernity while respecting their traditional past.

The young women in revealing clothes woke up the citizens of social media by singing “Afghan Jalebi” and “Swagse Swagat”. Youngsters danced to “Swagse Swagat” from the movie “Tiger Zinda Hai” and “Afghan Jalebi” from the movie “Phantom”.

Their dance in amazing bottle green color has taken the social media by storm. Each of these young women was wearing exactly the same type of clothing. The makeup was also very similar. At the same time, their dance style has caught the attention of our people.

Performing dance on “Afghan Jalebi” song and “Swagse Swagat” song is really difficult. We can understand that by watching the dance videos. But these young women have grabbed everyone’s attention with their amazing belly dance.

A video from a dance academy called “Banjara School of Dance” was recently posted on YouTube. The dance video of these young women has gone viral in no time. The extraordinary figure maintenance and body appeal of every young woman has practically created a storm in the minds of the youth.

How viral a video is, we judge depending on likes, comments and shares. It doesn’t mean that every video will go viral or gain popularity.

Shakib’s girlfriend married?

Shakib’s girlfriend married?

Of course any video should be innovative. Any video is bound to go viral effortlessly if it has the logistics of gaining popularity. This is exactly what happened in this case. 15 million viewers have already viewed the video. At the same time, 95 thousand likes have been read in the video. Everyone in the comment section is full of praise for the dancing of these beautiful young women.


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