How to watch YouTube videos even when the internet data runs out

watch YouTube

Science and Technology Desk: watch YouTube Video platform YouTube has become popular not only for entertainment but also for acquiring knowledge-based skills.

But you have to spend data while watching videos there. But there is a method through which you can run YouTube even when the internet data is exhausted.

watch YouTube
watch YouTube

There are some videos that are worth watching over and over again. For example, many people like to listen to certain songs repeatedly.

Many people watch different lessons more than once. Why are you spending the internet to watch these videos repeatedly?

Watching these contents on YouTube by turning on the internet consumes data. But keeping it in offline mode will not consume much data. Saved videos can be viewed as many times as you like.

Below the video is the download option. You can download it by clicking there. Then watch that video offline as much as you want. Let’s know how to play YouTube videos offline-

First, open YouTube and play the required video, which you want to save in offline mode. Then you will see the download option below the video.

If you click there, you will get the option of what quality video you want to save. Low (144p), medium (360p) and high (720p) options are available.

The higher the video quality, the more internet will be required to download. But once downloaded, the video can be played whenever you want.

You can save as many videos as you want in offline mode. But for this the phone must have storage. Because the downloaded videos will be saved in the internal storage of the mobile. That is, the phone’s available space will be used.

Rachna told the secret of a happy world

Rachna told the secret of a happy world

There is another way, which requires paying a monthly subscription fee. This is YouTube Premium.

Smart download feature is also available here. The video will be added to the YouTube playlist. It can be viewed offline.


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