Zoom in on the photo to see what Nora Fatehi did


Entertainment desk: Zoom Airport or restaurant, cafe. Wherever the celebrities go, the paparazzi will appear there!

Celebs also enjoy the presence of paparazzi to be in the spotlight. And on the other hand, the picture hunters are looking forward to get the exclusive pictures of the stars.

However, paparazzi and celebs don’t always have a sweet relationship. Like this, Bollywood’s popular item girl Nora Fatehi recently got angry with the paparazzi.

Nora said clearly in an interview, sometimes photo hunters zoom the camera in different parts of the body! Not only that, the paparazzi ask strange questions!


Recently, while giving an interview to a media, Nora clearly said, “I am proud of my shapely body. I have to work hard to keep this body. Especially my butt is more attractive than most. So photo hunters tend to zoom in on my butt. “

Nora also said, “No one in Bollywood has high hips like me. So as soon as the picture hunters saw me, they were busy taking pictures of my butt.

Other heroines may prefer other body parts. I want to say one thing about the behavior of the paparazzi. Zoom in on my butt. All genuine, nothing fake!”

Despite working in Bollywood, Nora is actually a Canadian citizen. His dance videos are one of the attractions for fans. Nora’s number of followers on social media is about 7 crores!

“We’re both naughty”

“We’re both naughty”

In a recent interview, Nora shed light on the early days of her career. The actress said that she came to this country with only 5 thousand rupees. He used to share a flat with 9 women in Mumbai. Nora made it clear that detractors talk about her body. But how did I get a chance in Bollywood? No one wanted to know about that struggle till today.


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